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Jow Lindsay Comments On His Blog Everyone's Cup of Tea About the Land for Lajee Fundraiser

Openned / Land for Lajee Fundraiser. We heard around fifteen poets read in three-minute slots, all relevant & some intentionally so, & we saw a short film about the Aida camp & heard some short talks about the camp and the Lajee Centre.  We were taken at our stations by the reverie wherein Steve Willey psyches himself up with Cobbing glossolalia strapping on his brown shinpads for another full day's football against the camp children.  There was an auction and other stuff.

The only thing that didn't make me fucking ecstatic was the sense of a special occasion.  Openned & other itinerary bezoars, like The Blue Bus, Utter!, Xing the Line, Penned in the Margins, Chlorine, and the stuff which happens in Cambridge, should regularly schedule mixtures of poetry and direct prosaic political and activist-administrative address.  New nights too.  If you want concrete suggestions, backchannel me.


Remembering Openned 4

Harry Godwin wrote the below as documentation of the Openned Night of April 2009. You can read the original at T H E D A I L Y F I L T H.

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