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The Commons - Sean Bonney

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  • Paperback, 80 pages


The work was originally subtitled "A Narrative / Diagram of the Class Struggle", wherein voices from contemporary uprisings blend into the Paris Commune, into October 1917, into the execution of Charles 1, and on into superstitions, fantasies of crazed fairies and supernatural bandits //// all clambering up from their hidden places in history, getting ready to storm the Cities of the Rich //// to the bourgeois eye they may look like zombies, to us they are sparrows, cuckoos, pirates & sirens //// the cracked melodies of ancient folk songs, cracking the windows of Piccadilly //// or, as a contemporary Greek proverb has it, "smashing up the present because they come from the future".


Praise for The Commons 

'Hi, my name is John, I am 14 years old and hate the Tories, and this book exploded my political consciousness, now a brick through a window is never enough, I want to reawaken the dead.'


About the author

Sean Bonney was born in Brighton and brought up in the north of England. He now lives in London.

His publications include Notes on Heresy (Writers Forum, 2002), Poisons, their antidotes (West House, 2003), Blade Pitch Control Unit (Salt, 2005), Document: hexprogress (Yt Communication, 2006), Baudelaire in English (Veer 2008), Document: poems, diagrams, manifestos (Barque 2009), and The Commons (Openned 2011). He edits the press Yt Communication with Frances Kruk.