Remembering Openned 4

Harry Godwin wrote the below as documentation of the Openned Night of April 2009. You can read the original at T H E D A I L Y F I L T H.

Ray Mears on Dave did not explain Petersfield Rise and I still don’t understand and Dave Ja Vu Nat ran off with my £3 and now my poems so Nat owes me a no Nat now owes Jeff a drink and Petersfield Rise an acronym of malice but malice was the acronym oops. Then Paul lurked in draughty shadows sofas swapped and Sharon eventually collected and Rosier disappeared after naked hand canoodles which along with Petersefield Rise mesmerised Mendoza aka slugboy aka dez mona aka linus slug who subtly not subtly not subtly at all pointed at the drunk on the train under hisher glasses and lots of laughs followed by the near kidnapping of a chap who missed his bus and sexual chips.