Jow Lindsay's Account of Openned 6

These reviews of Openned 6 were first published on Jow Lindsay’s blog.

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Review / Interview of Openned Night

Below is a copy and paste job (date today: 15th March 2009) of a really old review of an Openned night by the website Insolent Boy. I think it has some not so small problems both in terms of its accuracy, and in terms that, when it is accurate the views expressed are not wholly representative of the views we hold now, but it is good to remember that these things happened, no?

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The First Openned Website

See the first version of the Openned Website created in October 2005 (in all its imperfect glory and naive misdirection) and the promotional materials for the first night here, herehere, here. Also scan the archive to see early Openned publications of work by Jow Lindsay (Hank Sotto), Frances Kruk, Sophie Robinson, Albert Pellicer, Gavin Selerie, Sean Bonney, Tim Wells, James Byrne and Todd Swift. These are the documents of possible beginnings.



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