Feckedy Boobles


For Peter Schneider

produce crated

mystery of pyramid reproduction

liverpool dockside

a new life in a new the

dream-time world of transit

normal rules do not apply

where can and as well

never to be spoken of again

the end is no ending

just an interlude

a nissen-hut pause, outside town

a chalk-wipe erasure of yesterdays lesson

as no longer relevant

new set of rules to be learnt


already settled family members

or tentative spirit of independence

bring dispersal around quicker a

keeness for the new to begin


mature students attitude of

with especially high proportion

keeping themselves to themselves

the main body of their course-mates

carved-off from

cliquey cresent evenings the

toasty pub back-room, the cool box


at 23 development

of a language after 7 years disillusionment

with the world of work

finally learning to think understanding

that "the history of C20th britain

is the histiry of immigration"


planners and developers dreams

are of communities

typified by diversity

a levelling-out process

where those professional rub-off against

those downwardly aspirational

the black-hole of research

swallowing pounds by the millions

hundreds of hours of time

resources which no one

absolutely no one

thinks could have been better used

self-fulfilling prophecy

of proving what needs to be proved


"subjects have trouble switching

their point of view to consider what

someone else might know"


…yet come the morning

would be fair to say that

in 1989 not every berlin wall


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