This Impossible Machine


Wow Kaj Wow

Why are we going to the farmer’s market?


Sometimes to expectorate is sunshine

in darkness like

a flat ray

in an artificially lit alleyrat


Cambonzola equals


"and this fish is big or pink"

Slasher movie a fond place

a pond; an arty one; a proper ice cream palour; A chat:

a phatic cat with a frog in his throat

– "j’ai une chat dans la gorge"

spoilt from conversation

of lifted hem (or gifted?)

of undercooked flesh

flinching for the bunching

reaching for the tartar sauce


"I seen an organic land

like some sort of overworld destination

like a peach in a scrap-yard

or a chicken tatsed clumsily with a brick in a yard

"foot like a windscreenwiper, squashinnit


Which way to whiskey?

hovers a man in dinosaur costume

Slowly cooking meat meat stew


Who’s seen a catatonic bat,

A transluscent bee, a giraffe you can count on


Does anyone remember typewriters?

a very vulgar bucket,

Caged cheeses

liquids in slow rotting punch pockets


What do you mean ‘a nice tree’?

two fogs tap-dancing in pin-striped suits


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